Basic Information;


Tamanend Park is located at 1255 Second Street Pike in Southampton, Pennsylvania (at the intersection of Maple Avenue halfway between Street and Bristol Roads).

Show times take place at dusk, which starts around 9:00pm but as the summer wanes, the times become earlier as the sun sets earlier, ending at around 6:00 pm.

The trails are illuminated with solar lights so you can feel confident that the lights will lead you to The Meadow Amphitheatre. If you arrive earlier you can check out the stage before it gets dark. This might help you feel better about where the films are shown because they are not right next to the parking areas. You will need to walk a little ways into the park. It is very enchanting and a lot of fun!

I suggest you get there a half an hour before dusk/dark. You are welcome to picnic in the Meadow while we set up for the film and you may end up getting a performance from the stage.

We have a concession stand where we sell canned soda, bagged chips, pretzels and popcorn. This year we tried ice pops and candy which worked well. For next season we hope to have purchased a popcorn machine.

We also sell insect repellent in case you forget to bring some, but the insects are really not that bad because we have tiki torches with citronella which seems to work pretty well.

We have a raffle which you can view on the IMS Virtual Studio and there is a countdown clock for the next film at that site also.

There are more pictures of the set-up for Cinema Under the Stars and you can also view a slide show presentation which will help you to locate the stage or find directions. To see this slide show go to;

The IMS Virtual Studio or The Shakespearean Journal.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Overview and Schedule

The Shakespeareans of Tamanend Park
& The Southampton Free Library
invite your participation with

"Cinema Under the Stars"
a program of
admission free
Community Sponsored Films
presented in

Tamanend Park's
The Meadow Amphitheater
on Selected Saturday Evenings
from May until September


a view of the screen set-up

NOTE: As these screenings take place (approximately) 
every other week,  

Films are shown at Dusk  
 (look for the approximated time on the count-down)

if it rains on the second attempt, 
it will be rescheduled

May 15th
 Max Reinhardt's 1935 Version of 
"A Midsummer's Night Dream"

June 12th
 Mel Gibson in Franco Zefferelli's Version of   
(as part of the summer long primer to a "Hamlet festival")

June 26th
 Lon Chaney Jr in the 1941 Version of  
"The Wolfman"
(in honor of the full moon on that night)

 July 3rd
Errol Flynn in 1938's  
"Robin Hood"

(as part of the theme for the Southampton Days Parade)

July 24th
"Shakespeare in Love"

August 7th
 Lawerence Olivier's  

August  21st
Boris Karloff in 

September 4th
Kenneth Branagh's  
"Much Ado About Nothing"

September 18th
Howard Keel & Kathryn Grayson in
"Kiss Me Kate"

 September 25t
The full text version of
Kenneth Branagh's
"Hamlet" *

*shown at the Southampton Library
in lieu of a performance at the stage

September 26th- Performance Dates begin

 ** Spook-Fest **
The Meadow Amphitheatre

October 16th
 Boris Karloff & Lon Chaney Jr in 
"Frankestein Meets The Wolfman" 

October 30th
  We are working on getting 
"Rocky Horror Picture Show"

Also check out Tamanend Park's 
Ghost Stories, Haunted Trail, and Campfire
Friday Night, October 15th

If you care to help with;
set-up, makings signs, lighting & watching the trails, 
helping people find their way to the stage
putting out flyers or doing concessions 

Your help would 
make this program come alive 
and continue to be there 
for the community.

Special thanks to these contributors;

Image of the Mind Studios
For Design, Implementation and Investment

 Paul, Shirley, Rick & Ray at
Tamanend Park & The Southampton Parks & Recreation Department
For help with publishing materials

Kim, JL, Jeannie, Kareena & all the staff at
The Southampton Free Library 
For providing the projector and films

the folks at
The Southampton Public Works
who help us groom the field just in time

Lois McDonald at
Swank Motion Pictures
who is helping to make these films available 

First Federal Bank of Bucks County
for their purchase of advertising
RC Kletzing Incorporated
for use of their resources

Hampton Cleaners
for their maintenance of our parade costumes 

and the numerous businesses who are helping to distribute our schedule 

And a most hearty thanks to these volunteers
who have extended themselves
to lend a hand with set-up 
strike & operation;

Gian, Lise Sibson & Gary Sheesley, Julia Schmucker, 
Mike & Cindy Lally, Neil Goldstein

Your assistance is most appreciated ! 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sponsorship program

  • It is clear that it is most appropriate to seek sponsorship for the entire season of films at Tamanend Park.  Therefore a budget will be developed and posted here as a means of informing our sponsors of the total cost of presenting films in Tamanend Park. 
  • It is expected that those persons who avail themselves of this program and attend the films, will contribute what they are able when attending a showing. 
  • The costs of presenting these films and developing new programs at the park, must be shared by all those persons who enjoy this entertainment.  
  • At some point, as soon as possible, we will be attempting to develop sufficient resources so that the performers and technicians can be paid for their contributions.  
  • We are striving to bring professional thespians into the park and thus, compensation must be a part of that scenario.  Your assistance with this is most gratefully appreciated.
Details regarding sponsorship will be posted here at some point.  In the meanwhile , contact Arthur Greisiger at to discuss your interest in sponsoring our program in whole or in part.