Basic Information;


Tamanend Park is located at 1255 Second Street Pike in Southampton, Pennsylvania (at the intersection of Maple Avenue halfway between Street and Bristol Roads).

Show times take place at dusk, which starts around 9:00pm but as the summer wanes, the times become earlier as the sun sets earlier, ending at around 6:00 pm.

The trails are illuminated with solar lights so you can feel confident that the lights will lead you to The Meadow Amphitheatre. If you arrive earlier you can check out the stage before it gets dark. This might help you feel better about where the films are shown because they are not right next to the parking areas. You will need to walk a little ways into the park. It is very enchanting and a lot of fun!

I suggest you get there a half an hour before dusk/dark. You are welcome to picnic in the Meadow while we set up for the film and you may end up getting a performance from the stage.

We have a concession stand where we sell canned soda, bagged chips, pretzels and popcorn. This year we tried ice pops and candy which worked well. For next season we hope to have purchased a popcorn machine.

We also sell insect repellent in case you forget to bring some, but the insects are really not that bad because we have tiki torches with citronella which seems to work pretty well.

We have a raffle which you can view on the IMS Virtual Studio and there is a countdown clock for the next film at that site also.

There are more pictures of the set-up for Cinema Under the Stars and you can also view a slide show presentation which will help you to locate the stage or find directions. To see this slide show go to;

The IMS Virtual Studio or The Shakespearean Journal.

Friday, September 30, 2011

New Location G&S Concert

We will be having the concert at The Lion Grove Stage in the event of more rain tonight.  Please refer to The Shakespearean Journal for more details.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Playbill for An Afternoon & Evening with Gilbert & Sullivan

The Playbill for the upcoming performance on Saturday October 1st
has been posted on 
For you to print out.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Poster for the upcoming Gilbert & Sullivan show on October 1. 2011

Please print this and post or hang it in your shop window in for people in the area to see.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Topsy Turvy

(reprinted with new dates & times)

* For Gilbert & Sullivan fans *

On Saturday October 1st

 We will be presenting 
The Bucks County Gilbert & Sullivan Society
a selection of 16 numbers
from various shows
5:00 PM
Tamanend Park's
The Meadow Amphitheatre

followed by a showing of the film
"Topsy Turvy"
around 8:00 PM

* Bring you own seating or blanket *

* We have concessions available *

Admission is free but;

* We ask that you contribute 
to the cost of
producing these programs
maintaining the stage facility
with a

* Free Will Offering *

Please Note: for participants in this production- performers, technicians,
people helping with publicity, set-up/strike there will be a pot luck picnic 
at 3:00 pm prior to the performance


  On Saturday October 1st, the stage in Tamanend Park's Meadow Amphitheatre will be graced with performances by some of the areas most talented individuals performing a selection of  numbers from the Gilbert & Sullivan  library of operettas.  Members of The Bucks County Gilbert & Sullivan Society will be joined by guest performers from Chester County G&S Society, Philadelphia's Savoy Theatre Company,  friends from Bryn Athyn and the surrounding areas  as they offer an evening of live performances before the showing of the film "Topsy Turvy",  Mike Leigh's Academy Award winning film about the making of Gilbert & Sullivan's "Mikado".   Cinema Under the Stars is a program presented in Southampton by The Shakespeareans of Tamanend Park and films are shown every other week during the summer months.    The conclusion of the summer season in Tamanend Park takes place last weekend of September and the first weekend of October and is slated as "The Autumn Leaves Performance Festival" where local theatre groups and individuals are invited to present samplings of the material they produce.  Review The Shakespearean Journal at for more information on participating in this developing festival event and for images of the stage facility.  Bring a chair or blanket for seating in The Meadow Amphitheatre,  concessions are provided and admission is free with a donation expected to help with the cost of the programs and maintenance of the stage facilities.  Inquiries about sponsorship opportunities are encouraged.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Editing this blog

I will be removing all the posters of films presented and references to programs already presented.  If you want to see the Archive,  I will be creating that at another time so in the meanwhile ask if you need to see older material. AG

Autumn Leave Performance Festival

During his years time slot of the last weekend in September
On September 24th
we will be showing

If any Shakespearean cares to perform 
any scene from The Bard's work
before the showing of the film
Please let that be known

At 5:00 pm 
we will be offering

"Spontaneous Shakespeare"
to anyone wishing to read

The 2011 Season Schedule

Live Performances 

The summer season for 2011 will include us opening the stage up an hour and a half before dusk for performances (from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm depending on Dusk).  With that in mind, performers are invited to propose programs that will be linked to a particular film. This will remain the ongoing policy.

Performances should take place in the afternoon , between 4 & 6 pm before the showing at dusk.

So if you care to participate  please let me know so we can plan a nice event.

Performance/Film Dates

All of these dates are weather permitting.  Rain dates are on alternating weekends.

The 2011 Season Film Schedule

Here is a listing of  the films we that are part of this season.  Nothing is set in stone, so if you would like to contribute your thoughts or have a film you would like to see shown, please communicate that via email to Arthur  - or on Facebook. We can change a film to complement a performance .

5/7      (x)                  "American Graffiti"  * CANCELED FOR RAIN *

5/21    (x)                  "Yellow Submarine" *  EXHIB. RIGHTS WITHDRAWN *

6/4      (2)                   "All that Jazz

6/18    (4)     8:32       "Yankee Doodle Dandy
7/2     (21)    8:33       "The Patriot
                                            * showing a new film "Courage Too Late" 
                                                made in Tamanend Park using our stage as a set*
7/16    (16)   8:29    "West Side Story"
                                       * with a flute performance by Arthur Greisiger*

7/30     (1)    8:18     "Romeo & Juliet"  (cloudy weather, sprinkled rain)
8/13     (5)    8:02    "The Music Man"    (sprinkled rain)                       

8/27     (x)     * POSTPONED FOR HURRICANE *

                     7:42    "Topsy Turvy"
                             The Bucks County Gilbert and Sullivan Society to perform *

* Moved to October 1st *

9/10     (5)   7:20   "Showboat"  (clouds & rain all day, cleared just before showing)

* Autumn Leaves Performance Festival*
time-slot - 9/24 - 10/2

9/24      (x)     *CANCELED FOR RAIN*

                     6:00     "Spontaneous Shakespeare" script-in-hand readings
                     6:57     "Shakespeare in Love"

10/1      (x)     *CANCELED FOR RAIN*

                     3:00       Picnic/rehearsal for performers/volunteers
                     5:50       Bucks County Gilbert and Sullivan Society 
                                            and friends to perform
                     6:30       the Academy Award winning film "Topsy Turvy

10/2      (x)    * CANCELLED *

                     4:30   The Village Renaissance Players  performing 
"Crime & Punishment" & "Cryanose"
                     6:15    "Cyrano De Bergeracstarring Gerard Depardieu

10/8              6:34     Sir Lawerence Olivier's  "Henry the Fifth"

10/22            6:13     Errol Flynn in  "Captain Blood"

10/29            6:03     SpookFest - Dee Wallace & Patrick MacNee in "The Howling
                                       This film may not be available,  in which event 
                                         we will show Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein.


Attendance at these showing thus-far has been rather poor, even though many people express their delight and appreciation for having this happening in their community. Unless attendance improves, we will not continue to present these films.  There is quite a lot of work and investment involved in setting up, presenting, and taking down the supplies to do this.  Without a reasonably sized appreciative audience who contributes there is not point in continuing.

Fund Raising/Sponsorship

We need to raising the money required for these programs.  Last season, I paid the expenses out of my own pocket and it just about wiped me out. This season we had a few sponsors, but not nearly enough. If there is to be a next season, the entire cost of the season plus some to make up for this season's losses will have to be raised before the season starts. If you are a business or an individual who would like to see this program grow in strength and attendance and to keep the potential for live performances alive in Southampton, I suggest that you assist with financial support and or promotional activities. The entire season costs approximately four thousand dollars to produce total contributions for this season  have barely exceeded five hundred. The balance is out-of-pocket.

Sponsorship per film is is $250. The sponsor will get to run the concessions and pitch their business or service at the show and in all advertising for the season.

Needless to say, yet I will-  we are happy to accept sponsorship for the whole season and the cost is $3,750.  That does not take into account special costs for each program, and assumes that the bulk of the labor and talent will be volunteer.

Admission Fees

All of these programs are free to the public with a Free Will Contribution suggested.

In previous seasons we had one contribution box and people were expected to contribute. Many did but numerous others did not. We need to encourage more contributions.  So in the future we will be setting up two donation boxes- one for the operation and maintenance of the stage facilities and a second one to be given to the Stage Manager to be distributed to the talent who is onstage.
  • Unless otherwise agreed to by the performers all money given to the performers will be equally divided between all persons who step foot on the stage, regardless as to their role in the performance

Further thoughts on Sponsorship

In addition to the free will contributions from the patrons of the stage, we will be seeking corporate sponsorship.  We need to make a more concerted effort to seek that sponsorship and invite assistance with that.   

The Shakespearean Journal

... is the booklet which is produced as a means to provide advertising and information in a printed form.  A new edition is in the works, so if you would like to be included as an advertiser, send me an email.  I do expect to put the specifications on-line and I think that will be the next step I will strive to achieve in the next month or so.

If you are interested in helping to assemble the proposal materials for the upcoming season, please do inquire.

Not-for-Profit Status

There are numerous funding opportunities available to us if we gain a not-for-profit status. In order to do that we also will need to be building a Board of Directors for The Shakespearean of Tamanend Park. If serving on the board is of interest to you then please make that known, because it is important that we do this in order to grow.

I've personally invested a huge amount of money in developing this facility, the programs, and publicizing the effort and I will not continue to do that.  So we need to have an organizational structure that has a solid foundation for ongoing operations and the responsibilities for that need to be governed by a group of people with a mutual commitment and goals. The search is on to find those people.