Basic Information;


Tamanend Park is located at 1255 Second Street Pike in Southampton, Pennsylvania (at the intersection of Maple Avenue halfway between Street and Bristol Roads).

Show times take place at dusk, which starts around 9:00pm but as the summer wanes, the times become earlier as the sun sets earlier, ending at around 6:00 pm.

The trails are illuminated with solar lights so you can feel confident that the lights will lead you to The Meadow Amphitheatre. If you arrive earlier you can check out the stage before it gets dark. This might help you feel better about where the films are shown because they are not right next to the parking areas. You will need to walk a little ways into the park. It is very enchanting and a lot of fun!

I suggest you get there a half an hour before dusk/dark. You are welcome to picnic in the Meadow while we set up for the film and you may end up getting a performance from the stage.

We have a concession stand where we sell canned soda, bagged chips, pretzels and popcorn. This year we tried ice pops and candy which worked well. For next season we hope to have purchased a popcorn machine.

We also sell insect repellent in case you forget to bring some, but the insects are really not that bad because we have tiki torches with citronella which seems to work pretty well.

We have a raffle which you can view on the IMS Virtual Studio and there is a countdown clock for the next film at that site also.

There are more pictures of the set-up for Cinema Under the Stars and you can also view a slide show presentation which will help you to locate the stage or find directions. To see this slide show go to;

The IMS Virtual Studio or The Shakespearean Journal.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cancelled for Rain and other notes

"American Graffiti" got rained out. Unfortunately we still need to pay for the rights to the film. So remember this when you contribute to the effort.  We will have the right to show it again for the next year, so I am not certain how we will fit that into the schedule, since it is already posted and all the show dates are filled.

We had a number of folks show up hoping that the film was still on, so sadly they did not get to see the film, but gladly we are starting to build an audience. No Hot Rodders though, they woosed out because they are afraid to get their cars wet! Oh well.

We are going to stick to the schedule we have and we still want performers to avail themselves of the stage before the films.

We are planning a Gilbert & Sullivan event for August 27th and we have some Shakespeareans who are working on a few things.  We open Princess Ida in Bryn Athyn on the 13th of this month and HMS Pinafore in Buckingham on the 20th. So go to my Facebook page for details on that.

We may be having a picnic at the stage on the Forth of July, even if we do not walk in the parade.  If you care to help with that, let me know.  Check for more discussion on that.

We are planning showing a film that was produced and shot in Tamanend Park. I suggested that we show it on July 2nd before "The Patriot" with a question and answer period. So look for that.

As always, we need volunteers to help with things, it is a HUGE amount of effort to do this and assistance will assure that we can keep it going.